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EMDR Tools for EMDR Practitioners

“The most interesting eBook of the last decade” an EMDR Therapist…probably

Posted October 03, 2023 · 2 min read

Am I the only one who found developing an EMDR knowledge, toolset, and putting it all together difficult?

I'm excited to present my new EMDR eBook that will help you address that problem!

I received so much positive feedback on my 'What is EMDR?' blog that I felt compelled to expand on it. But unlike my other blog posts, this one is geared towards therapists rather than clients. 

This ebook is a user-friendly guide written by an EMDR Europe Accredited practitioner for EMDR practitioners that takes the complexity away from psychological concepts.

Available to 'buy now' exclusively on Etsy

EMDR is not trying to re-write history or force someone to be positive about a traumatic experience. Instead, is answering the question of ‘if we process this distress, what would you prefer to remember about yourself in relation to this when you look back on it?

A. Kidd

The knowledge offered will help you in gaining confidence by allowing you to confidently describe complicated topics in client friendly language, while adding a creative flair to your practice.

Featuring a clear and concise review of the fundamentals of EMDR and psychological trauma before moving on to practical tools and strategies that you can instantly apply to your practice and more.

Get your copy exclusively 'here'.

This is a digital product and will be delivered immediately upon purchase. This product is NOT a substitute for professionally accredited EMDR Therapy training or a self-help book.

Getting started

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